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Location: Tourcoing, FRANCE
Web site:

What could I say about me? lol I'm 23 years old, but I first played minesweeper when I was around 16-17.
At this time, my best classic minesweeper times are 2-18-69, which I find are not so bad. :P
I find that the Nonosweeper is a great derivative of the classic minesweeper, but it still very hard for me. :(

Seasons in Division 3: 3
Seasons in Division 4: 2

Best times

13 seconds2006-02-06
23 seconds2006-02-06
33 seconds2006-02-03
43 seconds2006-01-31
54 seconds2006-01-31
132 seconds2006-02-08
234 seconds2006-02-08
336 seconds2006-01-30
437 seconds2006-02-10
537 seconds2006-02-06
1151 seconds2006-02-01
2170 seconds2006-02-08
3175 seconds2006-01-29
4178 seconds2006-02-05
5187 seconds2006-01-31