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Best Times

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All time
1hexx1 sec2017-01-29
2Lutz Guenther1 sec2016-10-04
3morpheus_3031 sec2014-05-20
4Kamil Muranski1 sec2013-11-15
5qqwref1 sec2012-09-27
6ManuelHeider1 sec2012-01-05
7EWQMinesweeper1 sec2010-09-18
8Stephan Bechtel1 sec2009-11-26
9Vladimir Orlov1 sec2009-09-26
10Roland Seibt1 sec2009-09-18
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This month
1cloud13 sec2017-11-13
2Kimmo17 sec2017-11-06
3Asoc38 sec2017-11-07
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All time
1hexx9 sec2007-12-03
2Luca Vezzoni10 sec2005-10-21
3EWQMinesweeper11 sec2011-11-10
4Nikolaj11 sec2008-04-21
5Maruda11 sec2008-02-02
6Roland Seibt11 sec2006-02-09
7Stephan Bechtel12 sec2011-11-13
8ManuelHeider12 sec2009-03-11
9Alliska12 sec2008-09-26
10Gero Waelz12 sec2005-10-14
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This month
1Kimmo69 sec2017-11-06
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All time
1hexx43 sec2007-01-09
2EWQMinesweeper47 sec2016-11-03
3Luca Vezzoni47 sec2012-12-05
4Gero Waelz47 sec2005-10-09
5Alliska51 sec2009-11-07
6Gabi52 sec2009-05-08
7Lutz Guenther53 sec2016-10-01
8Nikolaj53 sec2008-04-27
9Maruda53 sec2007-03-16
10Roland Seibt54 sec2007-04-13
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This month
1EWQMinesweeper65 sec2017-11-13
2Kaare <3 Izzy AW~68 sec2017-11-07
3asdgdfg85 sec2017-11-11
4Chronic102 sec2017-11-10
5255103 sec2017-11-12
6lenka200 sec2017-11-10
7Kimmo225 sec2017-11-06
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All time
1Lutz Guenther122 sec2013-06-27
2EWQMinesweeper123 sec2016-12-09
3hexx124 sec2010-06-15
4Gabi126 sec2010-05-30
5Luca Vezzoni131 sec2008-05-26
6Maruda136 sec2012-07-15
7Gero Waelz137 sec2006-03-19
8Qetuth140 sec2007-08-20
9Nikolaj148 sec2008-02-28
10Caren151 sec2011-02-25
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This month
1EWQMinesweeper135 sec2017-11-16
2Chronic213 sec2017-11-10
3Editor220 sec2017-11-07
4Kimmo480 sec2017-11-16
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Scores of non-registered users may be removed after 3 months.


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