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Season 81
Tournament 5 of 8
2017-08-13 - 2017-08-19
Grid: 8 x 15     Mines: 90

Time remaining: 9 hours 37 mins

Division 1
1Stephan Bechtel11.98 sec2017-08-198 pts
2EWQMinesweeper12.25 sec2017-08-136 pts
3Lutz Guenther13.06 sec2017-08-135 pts
4Maruda13.31 sec2017-08-134 pts
5Caren19.01 sec2017-08-143 pts
6NYMIKE21.57 sec2017-08-132 pts
7Gene21.86 sec2017-08-141 pt
8Svade34.26 sec2017-08-14-
9BoBo44.56 sec2017-08-14-
10Kimmo77.18 sec2017-08-13-

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