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You need version 1.3 of Nonosweeper Pro to enter the Nonosweeper Tournaments

Season 80
Tournament 1 of 8
2017-05-21 - 2017-05-27
Grid: 16 x 12     Mines: 20

Time remaining: 5 days 2 hours 37 mins

Division 1
1Lutz Guenther8.78 sec2017-05-218 pts
2EWQMinesweeper15.53 sec2017-05-216 pts
3Caren17.88 sec2017-05-225 pts
4hmp27.44 sec2017-05-224 pts
5Chronic48.18 sec2017-05-213 pts
6Kimmo76.56 sec2017-05-222 pts
7Spot129.07 sec2017-05-211 pt

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