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Location: Devon England
Web site: none

hi! recently lost our cute cat to cancer, also my dear dad passed away in september 2006. still miss him. now got a pesky tortie cat - RUBY who is naughty, but very beautiful so she gets away with loads. Passionate about puzzles,cult fiction,tv and films, plus anything retro. Live in a small village in Devon. Married to Ray for 10 years now !! 43 and still going strong.

Best times

13 seconds2005-02-06
23 seconds2005-02-03
34 seconds2005-02-03
44 seconds2005-02-03
54 seconds2005-01-14
137 seconds2005-02-04
238 seconds2005-02-04
340 seconds2005-02-09
440 seconds2005-02-04
540 seconds2005-01-24
1119 seconds2005-01-15
2138 seconds2005-01-13
3142 seconds2005-01-19
4143 seconds2005-02-02
5144 seconds2005-01-27
1536 seconds2004-12-13