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Season 46
Tournament 6 of 8
2012-03-12 - 2012-03-18
Grid: 15 x 4     Mines: 32

Division 1
1EWQMinesweeper5.71 sec2012-03-148 pts
2Vladimir Orlov5.73 sec2012-03-186 pts
3ManuelHeider6.08 sec2012-03-185 pts
4Stephan Bechtel6.84 sec2012-03-174 pts
5Gabi8.15 sec2012-03-173 pts
6Luca Vezzoni8.2 sec2012-03-142 pts
7Lutz Guenther10.24 sec2012-03-151 pt

Division 2
1****5.52 sec2012-03-168 pts
2Christoph8.44 sec2012-03-136 pts
3Nikolaj8.99 sec2012-03-145 pts
4Caren10.45 sec2012-03-124 pts
5qqwref11.35 sec2012-03-183 pts
6NYMIKE13.42 sec2012-03-162 pts
7Qetuth15.06 sec2012-03-121 pt

Division 3
1Gene12.29 sec2012-03-138 pts
2hmp17.82 sec2012-03-126 pts
3Dragon20.37 sec2012-03-135 pts
4BoBo22.5 sec2012-03-174 pts
5jos26.68 sec2012-03-133 pts
6Spot28.06 sec2012-03-122 pts
7Chronic30.57 sec2012-03-181 pt
8gracebalma35.33 sec2012-03-14-
9Kimmo41.1 sec2012-03-13-

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