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Season 52
Tournament 2 of 8
2013-01-14 - 2013-01-20
Grid: 25 x 15     Mines: 225

Division 1
1Lutz Guenther134.84 sec2013-01-208 pts
2****143.05 sec2013-01-176 pts
3EWQMinesweeper152.23 sec2013-01-145 pts
4Maruda153.65 sec2013-01-194 pts
5Stephan Bechtel159.9 sec2013-01-203 pts
6Gabi160.71 sec2013-01-152 pts
7Nikolaj171.17 sec2013-01-141 pt

Division 2
1Caren172.89 sec2013-01-148 pts
2qqwref184.98 sec2013-01-186 pts
3Christoph290.93 sec2013-01-185 pts
4jos369.07 sec2013-01-144 pts
5NYMIKE624.21 sec2013-01-203 pts

Division 3
1BoBo411.21 sec2013-01-148 pts
2gracebalma513.14 sec2013-01-196 pts
3Kimmo599.76 sec2013-01-195 pts
4Spot718.15 sec2013-01-184 pts

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