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Gavin Bauer

Location: Maine, USA
Web site:

Hey, I like computers, I'm really addicted to this game. I like to ski (alpine or nordic), play tennis, table tennis, I race sailboats... I love math I get straight A's except for that occasional B. I hope to go to MIT. There's a good "that's me in a nutshell" joke, but Mike Myers stole it already. ;-)

Best times

13 seconds2005-03-04
23 seconds2005-02-03
34 seconds2005-03-07
44 seconds2005-03-04
54 seconds2005-02-20
148 seconds2005-03-06
249 seconds2005-03-07
350 seconds2005-02-19
452 seconds2005-03-09
552 seconds2005-03-06
1196 seconds2005-03-12
2196 seconds2005-03-11
3212 seconds2005-03-05
4254 seconds2005-03-05
5410 seconds2005-02-25