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World Records History

Beginner Intermediate
Gadget4 sec2004-09-11
Saulo Achkar3 sec2004-10-05
bgse2 sec2004-10-29
bgse1 sec2004-11-08
Simon Phoenix49 sec2004-09-13
Yariv Hastilow48 sec2004-10-04
Saulo Achkar45 sec2004-10-08
Isengrim43 sec2004-10-09
Foster42 sec2004-10-13
Isengrim39 sec2004-10-15
Stephan Bechtel35 sec2004-10-17
Stephan Bechtel33 sec2004-10-24
Stephan Bechtel31 sec2004-10-26
Luca Vezzoni28 sec2004-10-27
Roland Seibt27 sec2004-11-09
Stephan Bechtel26 sec2004-11-14
Roland Seibt25 sec2004-11-21
Luca Vezzoni24 sec2004-11-25
Roland Seibt23 sec2004-11-29
Roland Seibt22 sec2004-12-27
Roland Seibt21 sec2004-12-30
Roland Seibt20 sec2005-01-07
Roland Seibt19 sec2005-01-14
Gero Waelz16 sec2005-03-16
hexx15 sec2005-04-28
hexx14 sec2005-05-04
Luca Vezzoni13 sec2005-05-16
hexx12 sec2005-05-18
hexx11 sec2005-06-27
Luca Vezzoni10 sec2005-10-07
hexx9 sec2007-12-03
Expert Genius
Simon Phoenix245 sec2004-09-12
Yariv Hastilow206 sec2004-09-13
Raid197 sec2004-09-29
Yariv Hastilow178 sec2004-10-02
Yariv Hastilow174 sec2004-10-11
Isengrim173 sec2004-10-15
Stephan Bechtel162 sec2004-10-17
Stephan Bechtel141 sec2004-10-18
Yariv Hastilow140 sec2004-10-26
Stephan Bechtel136 sec2004-10-29
Luca Vezzoni125 sec2004-10-30
Stephan Bechtel117 sec2004-11-02
Stephan Bechtel116 sec2004-11-05
Stephan Bechtel113 sec2004-11-06
Stephan Bechtel112 sec2004-11-08
Stephan Bechtel101 sec2004-11-11
Katy LaVallee93 sec2004-11-17
Stephan Bechtel87 sec2004-11-24
Luca Vezzoni82 sec2004-12-09
Stephan Bechtel81 sec2004-12-23
Roland Seibt78 sec2005-01-03
Stephan Bechtel63 sec2005-01-09
Luca Vezzoni62 sec2005-04-15
Luca Vezzoni61 sec2005-04-20
hexx55 sec2005-06-06
Gero Waelz52 sec2005-08-26
Gero Waelz47 sec2005-10-09
hexx44 sec2006-07-08
hexx43 sec2007-01-09
Yariv Hastilow658 sec2004-09-25
Isengrim554 sec2004-10-10
Yariv Hastilow485 sec2004-10-22
Yariv Hastilow437 sec2004-10-24
Saulo Achkar404 sec2004-10-27
Stephan Bechtel367 sec2004-11-04
Yariv Hastilow353 sec2004-11-05
Yariv Hastilow333 sec2004-11-12
Luca Vezzoni316 sec2004-11-20
edward rhoads295 sec2004-11-21
Yariv Hastilow294 sec2004-11-24
Yariv Hastilow286 sec2004-11-27
Yariv Hastilow266 sec2004-12-10
Roland Seibt254 sec2004-12-28
Roland Seibt238 sec2005-01-03
Stephan Bechtel216 sec2005-01-06
Jon Simonsen203 sec2005-02-23
Luca Vezzoni200 sec2005-03-31
Luca Vezzoni193 sec2005-04-27
Maruda192 sec2005-05-08
Luca Vezzoni181 sec2005-05-16
Gero Waelz164 sec2005-05-21
hexx155 sec2005-07-09
hexx152 sec2005-07-30
Gero Waelz150 sec2005-09-22
hexx149 sec2005-10-13
Gero Waelz148 sec2005-10-16
Luca Vezzoni146 sec2005-10-22
Luca Vezzoni144 sec2005-10-24
Gero Waelz141 sec2005-12-25
Gero Waelz137 sec2006-01-03
hexx131 sec2006-04-29
hexx125 sec2006-06-24
hexx124 sec2007-12-13
Lutz Guenther122 sec2013-06-27


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