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YarivGenius209 sec Took hours of playing and I still can't beat 200...View
GeroBeginner1 sec My best beginner game: 1,61sView
GeroIntermediate16 sec I always start in the bottom right corner.View
GeroExpert68 sec Best one of my two sub-70'sView
LucaExpert65 sec only 2 seconds lessView
LucaIntermediate18 sec My best intermediate timeView
KireBeginner1 sec My personal best on beginner: 1.51 secView
Luca VezzoniGenius200 sec not yet under 200View
LucaExpert62 sec nice score, but I can improve itView
hexxIntermediate14 sec 14.09s! It happens!View
LucaIntermediate13 sec I knew it was the right dayView
hexxIntermediate12 sec 12.75s ! Catch me if you can!View
GeroGenius164 sec I opened nearly one field per second!View
hexxExpert55 sec 55.37s ! Faster than my own shadow!View
hexxIntermediate11 sec 11.48s ! Mission accomplished!View
hexxGenius155 sec 155.73s ! Faster than light speed!View
GeroExpert57 sec 3rd sub-60. 1st for me. Hope that others will followView
GeroExpert58 sec My second sub-60!!!View
GeroExpert52 sec 52,25s. Fast, faster, Gero!!! ;)View
LucaIntermediate10 sec View
GeroExpert47 sec 47,31. I was first to break into the 40's. That's history!!!View
hexxExpert49 sec 49.09 ! My first sub-50sView
hexxIntermediate10 sec 10.07sView
hexxBeginner1 sec 1.40sView
hexxExpert44 sec 44.73s ! How dare I !?View
hexxgenius125 sec 125.20s ! That's a great score...View